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Friday, December 4, 2009

What is the matter with my ages????

I'm not a girl..not yet a women..
then what am i?
i am already 25..
but sometimes people don't believe that i am already 25..
maybe because of my
physical look..haha..
and sometimes people laugh at me..
because they said that i'm older to study in University..
i know..they all are younger than me..
and i don't care..
i don't care what they say..and what they think about me..
i am a women..
this is my life..this is the way i am..this is me..
from the past..many thing that i have learn..
and finally..
this is the right time to change..
i finally found myself..the truly me..
and all i want is
to be a better person..
get a new life..
get a new style..
this is me..and this is what i am..

p/s : sorry for my broken english..haha..

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